Saturday, 22 October 2011


Wow !!!!!

The relax side is so happening.

We have an apartment overlooking the ocean and everything we could possibly need is within walking distance.

Unfortunately I have a new addiction.
(Michelle Clark I can hear your sarcasm !!!! ).

Starbucks coffee.

I have never drunk coffee EVER, but in Los Angeles and Las Vegas my "white chocolate mocha" was my saviour.
It enabled me to play all day with the kids (after getting up extremely early to go to planned bookings) and then continue into the night.
This blog I only had time to do once the kids and Scott fell asleep.
So at 3pm everyday I would go downstairs in the past 2 hotels and get my "coffee fix" so that I could continue.
Do not know what I will do when I get home.
I just found 1 here in Hawaii.

Today we found a market.
Awesome jewellery, clothes, bags and shoes for a small price.
We have no room though !!!!
But Amelia and I stayed on anyway and got some purchases !!

Thank you to everyone for their messages in helping clean up our house from "the demolition" BUT we will organise someone.
It is no ones responsibilty but our own.
Everyone has so much on their plate already.
We would be horrified if any of friends or family did it.


Amelia exhausted at the end of "a day". Still manages to smile though !!

I have not seen this for 2 years.
Tom used to get a swollen sore mouth (not from talking !!) from cherry tomatoes.
Trying to work out what he has eaten here to cause this.

Amelia at a resturaunt for lunch yesterday.

And Tom with his fruit smoothie.

My nacho's for lunch.
I ordered an entree because I was not feeling very hungry !!!!!

Amelia and I after shopping......

Hawaiian mode.


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