Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Brisbane Day 1

Well.......we are here and it is HOT !!!
Have you ever experienced getting off the plane in 30 degree heat and 90% humidity ?
Major culture shock when you are from Melbourne !

Anyway airport, plane and hotel all good.
Had to move hotel rooms after I complained about wiping brown stains off the toilet seat BUT all good now ! lol.

Isn't it funny when you have something silly happen after a big day and you think it is hysterical ??!!!
My mum just accidently locked herself in the bathroom and I couldn't respond to her whispered screams for help (because she believed Amelia was asleep) because I was crying with laughter. I literally could not answer because I was laughing and crying so hard. Meanwhile Amelia was standing next to me hysterical too !!

Anyway early night now for a very early start tomorrow.
Have to go to a new place in a strange city but I am sure we will make it !!

Will let you all know tomorrow night how we go on our first day at our first A-T clinic.


P.S and because of the heat, Amelia and I had a beautiful 1 hour swim together in the hotel pool. We were giggling like little school girls.......oh hang on.......one of us is one.....and one of us is not! (but laughing at your mother locked in a hotel bathroom is probably not too grown up either!)

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