Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Magical Day

Today Amelia, Tom and I experienced a once in a lifetime chance to interact with majestic creatures normally reserved for the wild.
For me it was very emotional.
I have always had an undescribable love and admiration for any kind of animal.
Amelia and Tom have definately inherited this obsession and today we were able to share this unbelievable experience together.
Amelia was very cautious but Tom had no fear. I had a camera clicking the whole time.

For 90 minutes we were able to get up close to the most beautiful of creatures. Adrien Howard (Howie) was our guide and one of the kindest and friendliest people I have ever met.

We began with the giraffes.
You cannot comprehend the size of their head until you have it in your face.
We were inside their enclosure with them and the public were watching us.
The kids fed them carrots and leaves and the memory will stay with us forever.

I thought they may be the end of the experience and I was "buzzing" from what we had experienced, but no there was more !!!

Next we were taken to the seal enclosure.
The kids and I met Silver, a 23 year old seal, who showed us some tricks in a private viewing area. Then we were allowed to rub her belly and she gave each of us a kiss.

Next Howie said he needed to get a wheelbarrow of raw meat and we were going to help him feed the lions.
Tom looked up concerned and said "will they kill us?!!".

Watching the lions run into their cages to prepare for dinner was amazing. As Howie threw them their meat they would settle down to eat and we were watching them 1 metre away. To be so close to an animal known as a killer was humbling. They are absolutely stunning.

Today a special memory was created and it is something all three of us will treasure forever.
But as we were saying goodbye Howie said next time he will take us the elephants.
NEXT TIME ???!!!!!
Do you think he will mind if we make that tomorrow ???

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