Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Amelia Night : June 11th 2011

Where can I possibly begin describing our night on Saturday night ??!!
You cannot possibly fault it.
Everything went perfectly.
There was a handful of people who did not stop the whole night. They did not eat, they did not drink, they did not socialise.
Me ? Well once i finished my speech, I did not stop drinking !!
That is definately a lesson learnt.
But the people who had full control of the night were unbelieveable.
Volunteers ....... helping us.
For six months they have been so passionate about raising money.
They have created a "formal" organisation that is legally allowed.
I just sit there and do what i am told !!!
(when you are put on a national television show it is when you realise how powerful this group is becoming!).

But on Saturday night when we were able to raise $52,583, that is absolutely mind blowing.
RSL House donated many thousands specifically for house renovations (because of Scott's grandfathers association with the war).
Businessmen began making very large pledges.
Never, ever would we have predicted that we would raise that kind of money.

But you know the thing I really like the most ??
How many people said they have never laughed so much.
Once we got past "the sad speeches", everyone relaxed (I think I lead the way!!).
Our Auctioneer, Darren, set the mood for the night and made everything fun.
I am just so happy that people are saying "it is the best night I have had in a long time".

There was also about 200 donations.
Family, friends, friends of friends.
Everyone knows someone that owns or works for a business.
Everyone works.
The donations were varied and awesome !!

I posted my speech yesterday.
Jemimah's will come tomorrow along with some photo's.

Now it is time for me to move onto my next project.
This one will be mine (and the people at Brashat!).
I am not expecting anyone else from Amelia's Project to do any work.
You are all burnt out and need to focus on your own lives now.

On August 13th Brashat will be having a Melbourne Gala Night in North Carlton.
If you would like tickets or a whole table please let me know.
It would be nice if we could all be in the same area of the room.
Payment of tickets is done through the Brashat website.
I will create a list of people that let me know they are coming so that I can make sure we are together.
At the moment I know of 5 tables being organised.
Absolutely awesome !!!!

On Thursday night, Amelia's Project Committee is having a meeting.
None of us ever knew that we would grow this big or achieve so much.
I will be giving our current Committee the chance to stand down.
There is absolutely no way that I would be offended.
It is so BIG now and people are already asking for The Amelia Night to become an annual event.

I would like to know if there is anyone out there in "Amelia's Project Land" that would like to join our Committee.
Anyone is welcome.
But it is work.
Most of all, I see great friendships being made and the celebration of success from a night like last Saturday.
The girls are so very proud of themselves and so they should be !!!

Please contact me about the Committee or Brashat tickets in August.


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