Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Circle Television Show

I have just finished watching myself on The Circle this morning.
It has been a very big day and I am now sitting back in shock that I actually achieved what I set out to do.

When Jemimah encouraged everyone to "dob" me in, I never believed that they would actually call.
When they did, panic set in and lasted till last night.
As I was laying in bed wide awake I suddenly realised that this would be my one and only chance to create awareness about A-T , Brashat and Amelia's Project to a very wide audience.
All my nervous energy disappeared and determination and a will to succeed took over.
Here is the chance to let people know about this horrible disease and what it is doing to 35 families in Australia (not to mention hundreds around the world).
No regrets is my motto for Amelia's life and I decided it was my motto for today as well.

Brashat needs money to save Amelia's life and I was going to do all I could to help them get it.....on television.

To tell you the truth, the makeover meant nothing to me.
My destiny is to.......
a] Give Amelia the most amazing life I can.
b] To work as hard as I can to help the people trying to save her life.

But the makeover was fun!
I was treated like a celebrity in hair and makeup and dressed in clothes that I definately would never have worn before.
I have come home with 3 stunning dresses, shoes, a jacket and jewellery.
Everyone, the hosts, crew and staff backstage were beautiful.
Kate and Brooke (backstage)were extremely kind and easygoing.

More people are wanting to attend the Brashat Melbourne Gala on August 13th with me and I am hoping that they will recieve much needed donations to help our kids.

Thank you to Jemimah and Shell for accompanying me today. The nerves you were both displaying was very entertaining !

Thank you to all the beautiful people out there watching the show (our recording it for later).

A very memorable moment will be turning my iphone on once we let the studio's. It could not stop "honking" with every text message I had received. There was also 171 emails. All in the previous 2 hours.

Be proud Amelia's Project Angel's.
YOU have made all of this happen.


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