Sunday, 3 July 2011

So much to document.......but I do not know where to begin.

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in writing.
IT chicky has taken my computer away, to fix it, so I am now on Amelia's IPad.
Do not know why i did not think of this sooner.

I think part of my delay has also been finding MY life again.
The biggest 2 weeks (which ended up being 3 weeks with Tom's 5th Birthday) of my life ended and I was actually amazed that we all came out of it fairly unscathed.
So far, I have not fallen into a heap like everyone predicted.
Amelia's Project has opened so many doors for Ataxia Telangiectasia, community spirit and friendship. But it has also been grounding to sit back and remind myself who I am, what is important to me and just process what Amelia's Project has achieved.
I cannot believe how Amelia's Project has wound up the last 6 months.
With a National Television appearance, an Auction night that was AWESOME and today an article in a very well known magazine.
All in 6 months.
When you all began this group, I sat back and watched.....amazed.
At the time it actually made the processing of our beautiful daughter's prognosis that much harder. It is so much easier to give than receive. At the time you were giving so much love, support and time to organize something. No one knew what though.
Many of you will remember me saying "this group will become bigger than any of us ever imagined one day".
So many of you have done so much for us.
When we went to Brisbane, then I went on TV and we had the Auction Night (all in 6 days) the nine different people who cared for our children was hard. I have always been very guarded about who looked after our children. But that week, everyone who had our children, I trusted. A big step for me.

Now Amelia's Project will have the last meeting for 2011 in two weeks. (At least we think it is!!!).
Next year, everyone talks about starting it up again.
The demand for tables at next years Auction night is already huge !!!

But today, with my house back in order, washing up to date and family conversations over dinner again, I look forward to Disneyland.
I am trying so hard to contain my excitement because it is still a few months away.....BUT I cannot believe we will actually be going !!!!

And Amelia?
Well she reminds us everyday why we are doing this.
I do not need to say anymore than that ........

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