Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Worried in a comical sense......

Tomorrow we pick up my new car.

I have gone for a NEW colour.
I thought maybe it would be like a fresh start.

Maybe it could help the kids and I move forward.

I looked at the colour charts at Frankston Nissan.
I CHOSE from the colour charts.

The colour I believed I chose was charcoal grey.
They call it "flint".
But everyone around me (Scott, the caryard and Insurance) are calling it.........

PURPLE !!!!!!

I am now sitting here with a frown on my face wondering WHAT my new car is going to look like tomorrow ??!!
Charcoal grey and purple are two VERY different colours.
Scott and Amelia think I am colour blind !!

So the point of tonight's BLOG ?????
If you see a PURPLE Nissan X-Trail driving around........
please wave !!!


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