Sunday, 29 January 2012


I have just returned from another weekend at the "flat".

I know how lucky I am to have the opportunity to get away and rejuvenate.
Lucky enough to have a place to escape to and lucky enough that I have a husband who says "GO".

I spent the time alone, watching "gossip girl" (sad I know!) and thinking about everything.

Every time I go it is for one reason only.
I am negative, snappy and need to remove myself from everyone.

Upon my return today I was ready for the next chapter in our lives.

Feeling positive and content again.

The next chapter?

Tom begins school.
Mentioned many times.

Amelia is also beginning another year of school.
Very difficult for her because she does find it hard.

But this year SHE has also requested to attend a local special school two times a week.

Many of you may remember I took Amelia for a visit last December.
It is a school that takes children with physical disibilities and deteriorating health.
The class Amelia was welcomed into was still learning to read and write.
They could all handle a conversation......and they were smart.
She fitted in immediately.
ALL of them have been dealt with such horrible illnesses and yet they loved life.
She was not the only one with a walking frame.
She was not the only one who owns a wheelchair.
She was not the only one that takes longer to speak.

She was equal to everyone else.

When I asked her which day she would like to attend in 2012 she asked to see the timetable.
Amelia decided that she liked the activites and subjects on Tuesdays AND Wednesdays so she will "go two days please".

Her choice.

I explained that she will only go to her "mainstream " school three days a week then.
"I know" she said (looking at me confidently).

So it is organised and she is excited.
She still gets to stay with everyone she knows in "mainstream" but gets to be with others "like" her.

So now I have two different schools to attend morning and afternoon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but I look forward to watching BOTH my children grow and develop this year.


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