Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunshine Coast

A few months ago I decided to plan the next "goal" after Disneyland.

I have a beautiful friend who lives in Queensland with her four daughters.
I have always wanted to come and visit.
So here we are !!!!

Leaving Melbourne was slightly stressful.
The wind and rain blowing us across the road was scary.
Then we leave our car at the parking bay and I notice a huntsman spider running into the boot of my X-Trail.
My efforts to kill it failed.
So if you hear of a purple car running off the road on Wednesday (where the occupants of the vehicle are screaming) it is just us.

Jetstar were very helpful and assisted me constantly.
Amelia took the "lift" to the plane so she did not have to climb all of the stairs.
The kids behaved beautifully on the plane, except for the "tickle fest" they decided to create !!
Tom entertained all of the passengers with his excited "weeeeee" at take off and landing.

It has been such a wonderful visit.
The house is ALL girls but Tom has coped extremely well.
The girls are wondering when he gets tired though !!
The lifestyle here suits him perfectly.
Beach walks, early mornings, other children to play with and lots of attention.

Amelia also loves being here but finds the heat and limited sleep difficult.
She has been grumpy and physically shut down a few times.
But she has also been giggling and having lots of "girly time".

The weather has been all over the place.
Extreme heat and lots of rain.

So peaceful though.

Yesterday we were taken to my ideal environment.
A house in a valley, surrounded by forest.
So surreal.

Our hosts have been extremely welcoming.
They now have a new name.
They are no longer the supermodels.
They are The Cullens !!!
(perfectly explained by their sister/aunty)

You walk anywhere with this family and people stare in shock.
People walk past and second glance.
Absolutely fascinating to watch.
And none of them can see it.

Me ?

I have enjoyed the soul searching, the conversations and the rest.
The alcohol on Saturday night contributed to a fun night.
I am so very proud of Tom because his behaviour has been mature and ..... well, good.
Amelia has had another experience that she has loved to contribute to her amazing life.
We are all missing Scott but know that this 7 days has been a wonderful way to begin 2012.

Speak soon.


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