Saturday, 17 March 2012

School Teaching

There could be many reasons why someone chooses to become a teacher.
For me it was because I love children.
I love talking to children and watching their fascination in learning grow.

I have always had a set of very basic rules when teaching.

1.Greet children as they walk into my room.
2. Smile at children regularly.
3. Always make eye contact with a child when speaking.

This not only builds a healthy rapport with each child, it also shows that you respect each individual in your room.
The rules of discipline do not take long to set.
A raise of the eyebrows, very curt, basic instructions to address inappropriate behaviour and if needed a quick discussion about right and wrong in a particular situation.

If you surround your room with happiness and respect then children will learn very quickly when they have done something wrong.

This blog comes from observing many teachers in the last 3 years (since our family entered the Primary school system).
Teachers who think authoritarian teaching styles make for a good classroom.
Intimidation and humiliation are not good teaching styles.

Children learn when they are relaxed and having fun.
When children are comfortable they become interested in learning.

A good teacher welcomes parents to participate in the program.

Under no means am I saying that I am a good teacher, but I am proud of the rapport and respect I am able to achieve in a teaching environment.

Quite often a "naughty" student is an individual struggling in some way.
Their behaviour is asking for help.
They need someone to discover their weakness and build confidence and skill in that area.

Look around your school and see the teachers that the children love.
See the teachers the parents love.
Their classrooms are always the happy and fun ones.
They have not needed intimidation or humiliation to get through the year.
Their students have enjoyed coming to school and learning in the classroom.

They are not psychologically damaged by how they felt in that class, with that teacher.

The biggest thing I have observed ?


It instantly makes people feel welcome ....... and wanted.

This is only my opinion and I understand not everyone will agree.


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