Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The good, bad and the ugly.

My brain is so full of information, thoughts, concerns and decisions at the moment.
There are also many positive thoughts floating around in there.

Scott and Tom were involved in a car accident on the weekend.
An older lady "did not notice" that everyone had stopped at the traffic lights.
She ran straight into the back of my car at 60km/hr.
Her car is a "write off".
Mine has minimal damage at the back (considering the force and damage to her car).
Thank you to the lifesaving X-Trail once again.

Tom has been in another decent car accident.
Two in 7 months!
The kids and I will be without a car while it is being repaired.

Amelia is deteriorating much faster at the moment.
Her walker is no longer keeping her safely upright all of the time.

The falls are becoming more frequent and the bruises more obvious.

She does not feel confident in walking around our house anymore.
Amelia will call me so that I can "escort" her to another room.

For the first time EVER, I am beginning to struggle understanding her speech.
It used to be everyone else.......not her mum.

BUT the smiles, laughter and quick wit have increased.
I am not used to Amelia coming home from a full day at school... having energy.
During a recent 4pm phone call with my dad he asked me who's children had come over.
It was just Amelia and Tom hysterically laughing and playing.

There are many situations in my life at the moment that I cannot discuss on here.
I would not be the only person facing such struggles and I know of many that are experiencing much worse right now.

But one issue that has been concerning me recently has finally been addressed.

My gorgeous husband, Scott, has lost a lot of weight in the last few weeks.
9kg in 8 weeks to be exact.
There are also other issues I have been concerned about to do with Scott's health.
Tonight he went to the doctors and had 6 viles of blood taken for testing.
He also has referals for other tests.

I am sure that he will be fine and all of the tests will come back negative.

Nothing else can possibly happen to our family.....can it ???


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