Monday, 2 July 2012

Bare with me : Part 2

This is the continuation from a blog that I wrote last week.
I chose not to "share" it on facebook because I was worried the reaction may make my current situation worse.

It appears people read this blog without the reminder on facebook.
But at least the people who did read it knew we are travelling through a stage (me more than anyone) and trust that I will take the appropriate steps to kick that "stage" up it's royal arse.

On Friday night, a person who will remain nameless, picked me up from home and took me back to HER house (oops gave away a hint!).
As we were leaving, Scott's pleading of "please make her happy again" were hard to ignore.

My kidnapper than gave me copius amounts of alcohol.
(the next day I felt like I had fried my brain)
We talked and talked and talked.
She lectured about me needing to seek assistance and Amelia's need for me to be "happy" again.

I agreed with her comments and knew that I now need to seek medical attention.

As well as me being depressed, Amelia has been too the last 2 weeks.

My form of depression has been to struggle smiling and laughing.
Find it extremely difficult to get out of bed each morning.
Have no energy to wash my hair and dress nicely.

Just cannot be f@*#ed  really.
Cannot be bothered.

I know our recent illness made it plummet further than it already was.

But since Friday night I have started feeling a little better.
I am also realising Amelia's sadness more.

So I will seek medical intervention and try my best to find "happy me" again.


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