Saturday, 21 July 2012


Yes that is correct.
I am very puzzled at the moment.

Everyone is telling me to "just enjoy it", but I can't.
I need an answer.
I need an answer so that it continues.

It is about Amelia.

Her physical skills, happiness, energy levels, sense of humour and speech have improved greatly in the last 18 days.


I am definately not complaining about it but I need to continue whatever it is.

I will list for you the reasons I have come up with.....
(and yes I think of new ones constantly).

1. I have resurfaced from my recent depression.
2. Scott has just finished 2 weeks annual leave and was more motivated and happy while home with us.
3. 2 weeks break/rest on school holidays.
4. Sustagen nutrition drink daily.
5. New herbal tablet crushed into sustagen at least every second day (with ingredients I have never heard of. Some from Indian plant roots).
6. A plateau in her decline (very common for A-T kids at 9 years of age) and she has been able to regain her footing on life.
7. Her pesky little brother slightly improving in his behaviour towards her.
8. The new puppy.

The list can go on and on and on and on .........

Amelia has just returned from her fortnightly speech therapy session.
The speech therapist is now puzzled.
She heard Amelia communicate today.
It was better than at anytime in the last 12 months that we have been seeing her.

Last night we had a special visitor.
It was late.
It was the end of the first week back at school for Term 3.
Amelia SHOULD have been exhausted.
Instead this visitor saw the sarcastic and full of humor child that has recently appeared.
At one stage I noticed my visitor crying.
When I questioned what was wrong, the response was "I have never seen her this happy".

So fingers crossed it continues...........
(but I still need an answer !!!)


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