Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Thank you to everyone for their compassion and messages after my last entry.

Amelia (and all of us) are doing really well and have happily supported her on the decision she made.
Tom was initially upset because he will no longer see Amelia at school, but he understands why she wants to do it.

I wanted to come here to tell you all about something that we are all very excited about.

Next Tuesday Amelia is going to finally be given her motorised PINK wheelchair.
It will be hers to keep forever !!!!
She is beside herself excited (and obviously so am I !!).

Next week the converted Kia Carnival will also be ready to pick up ...on Wednesday.
So Amelia and I will take a "wheelchair taxi" to the conversion workshop to do the final fittings.

Finally we will get it all !!!!

This winter and my back have been making the manual wheelchair a difficult exercise, so it is going to be exciting for everyone.

Sound obsession (in Frankston) have also installed a DVD player (with 300 inbuilt games), in the car,  for us as well.

We may just want to live IN the car !!

Finally, the communication device.
As Amelia's speech becomes more difficult to understand and she tires easily, this device from Dynavox will be extremely helpful.
As well as letting us know what she wants to say, it also has an inbuilt computer, wifi and bluetooth. It will be connected to her wheelchair.
The joystick "driving control" can switch to be a mouse for the communication/computer device.

We were going to be $6400 out of pocket once the government made their contribution.
Thanks to the beautiful people at Anglicare in Rosebud we now have nothing to pay.

Anglicare are paying the entire gap of $6400.


By Amelia's enthusiasm already, I know this is going to lift everyones spirits up.


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