Monday, 1 October 2012

Evaluating my "POINTS"

I cannot sleep, so I thought I would begin explaining my "points" from two entries ago!

I will begin with Amelia.
She cannot walk now unassisted, if she does she will always fall.
So Scott and I prefer to support her from behind, holding her underneath her arms.
If we just hold one side she seems to lose her balance and do a 180 degree fall.

I keep thinking she is grumpy in the new "motorised wheelchair".
The other day she informed me it is her "concentrating face"!

Amelia is either sad or grumpy A LOT when at home now.
I like hearing that she is not outside the home (ie school), well as far as I know anyway.

Amelia's "attitude" is also changing.
With frustration, anger and sadness being the new behaviours of late, we can also add attitude.

I have watched her kick Tom when he is walking past and drive her chair over his chalk drawing on the ground outside.
Both times this has followed with a small giggle while still looking straight ahead.

Recently while Tom was insisting she pass HIS motorised wheelchair test, she ran into our hallway wall for the upteenth time.
"Shit" I heard her say.
We then had a discussion about NEVER saying that word again.
That night as I was telling Scott about the incident, in front of Amelia,
she said quietly "Oh get over it".

We are having lots of discussions about ways Amelia can communicate to anyone around her because her speech is rapidly diminishing.

There was obviously nothing wrong with her speech above was there ??!!!

We are also talking to Amelia about "Looking on the bright side of life", having fun, enjoying the sunshine and looking for the positives in general.

This anger and sadness is wearing Scott and I down greatly.

We feel like we are failing this responsibilty we have been given......

To give Amelia an amazing life.

Everything (well almost everything) we plan or organise for her ends up being a failure this year.
And I mean a failure to her, no one else.

We have been known in certain situations, that require no upset,
 to say to her "Oh get over it"..................................

Oh Damn, that is where she got it from.

Will continue the "points" another day.


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  1. Allow her ..her angers ..cause if its frustrating you and Scott imagine what it's like for her