Friday, 16 November 2012

Photo's !!!!

After writing my latest update yesterday, I forgot to include all of the photo's I had chosen !!!!
The first one is of Scott and I, sitting in a taxi, on our way our for a "grown ups" dinner and drinks.

For the first time in approximately 4 years, Scott and I stayed in the city and the kids stayed with Nana and Poppy.
Here we are having breakfast !

As part of the "huge overhaul" of our house, Scott and I were working hard outside cleaning up the backyard.
This is how the kids entertained themselves !!!!!!

This beautiful, happy face (and laughter) is a regular occurance now.
Reminds us how very special every single second with this child is......

This is Amelia and Nutter ......(sorry Honey !).
She is much bigger than this now!
She was originally bought as a companion for Amelia, but I would say in the last 2 months she is definately a best friend for Tom.
Their energy levels, personalities and love of life are perfectly matched.
Every night after school, Tom cannot wait to go outside and play with her.

Our beautiful Amelia after the gorgeous Jade did her hair.

Amelia has decided to "create" an area outside.
Here she is at the design process (something she learnt at special school).
It already has butterflies hanging and now we need to purchase comfortable chairs and a table.
The area is under a gorgeous tree.

And here is Amelia's new electric wheelchair.
The fantastic "license plates" are courtesy of Nikki and Belinda.

Thank you for all the extremely kind messages about the blog written below.
I enjoy sharing the highs and the lows with you all.


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