Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A victim no more

Amelia is great.
Like really, really great !

There are now new members in her classroom and some have "graduated" into the high school area.

Amelia appears to have have developed really quickly in not only confidence, but also speech, personality and sense of humor.

She is now one of the oldest and her confidence has soared.

I think there may also be an element of "ruling the roost" in her classroom as well.

Amelia comes home and continues this confident behaviour with us as well.
I love it !!!

Tom has settled in very well to his Grade 1 class.
After some initial anxiety, he is now also displaying happiness and confidence.
I am very happy with his beautiful writing, spelling and reading at the moment.

Yesterday I began my life as a "working mum".

I came home very overwhelmed and distressed that I would not be able to do it.
While we are completing all of the paperwork for an "occasional child care centre", I will be assisting other employees at endota spa with whatever and whenever they want.

Yesterday I walked into the office petrified.
After recent weeks, I realised just how much self-confidence I had actually lost.
I fumbled, forgot and made many mistakes.
Information was in form of a tidal wave and I found myself unable to absorb it's force.

I was just digging a hole for myself and really wanted to crawl under a desk and hide.

Admin and reception is not my area of expertise........
but it needs to be for the next few weeks.

So......new plan of attack.

I was given a glimpse of myself.
Needy and a victim.

That is not me.

So I went in today a totally different person.

I will now declare TODAY the day that I pull myself out of this slump and behave like the person that I am.

I do have elements of needy.
I know that.
BUT, I will not be a victim.

If a 6 and 9 year old can show such confidence in new and challenging situations, then so can I.

Finally I would like to end with "work talk".......

"The traffic in to work today was horrendous".

Now does that make me sound like a "working mum" ?????


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