Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Future TV star ????/

Yesterday it was suggested that I give a "casting company" a call.
It had advertised for a child with a disability.
They needed the child for a TV commercial.

I rang the company to enquire further, and then suddenly she had booked us in for an interview today at 10am !!

There are other people being considered for the same role.
It would require about 6 hours of time next week.
It pays a VERY reasonable amount of money.

Amelia and Tom had very different reactions towards our adventure today (even though Tom was going to school).
Amelia was full of nerves and asking many questions like "do I have to talk?" and "will there be cameras?".
Tom was trying to over ride the conversation with 'I want to go!" and "I want to be on camera!".

My two polar opposite children.

Amelia was a lot more comfortable about the idea today.
Even questioned my choice of clothing for the day......
"Are you wearing that?. Don't we have to look pretty?".
(Join the brigade Amelia, that shakes their head at my wardrobe !!!).

Amelia really, really relaxed once we got there.
Something happened to make her relax though.
Story ???
Ok.....read on........

After being welcomed into the office in the city, I was asked to complete some paperwork.
Amelia's name, address, clothing size etc.
Amanda's (ME) name, address, clothing size......

I walk up to the reception desk and ask why my height etc is needed.
"Because you are auditioning for the commercial too".

WHAT ??!!!

No make up.
Eyebrows looking like the National State Forest.
CRAP !!!

Amelia is watching my reaction in HYSTERICS!
She thinks it is hilarious that she is not the only one nervous NOW!\

I also had to "facebook" the employee a family photo because the WHOLE family may be needed !

Amelia is relaxed, happy and smiling continually.
Me? Well I had to take a few deep breaths and then I realised how fun this experience could be.\

Move on I say.

So we answered questions.
We introduced ourselves.
We had FUN !

I think that the waiting room was just as exciting (and stories from inside!).

A very famous commercial was being cast.

The personalities and money amounts being discussed...........


Totally different world.
Amelia was even able to understand what was happening around us.

That is our touch with possible stardom for 2013 I think.

We find out if we have been accepted for the "role" on Friday.

I would say fingers crossed but the adventure today has left us both so happy anyway.

                                                                       On our way!

                            Do you think that she fulfills the possible role of TV Star.....Diva maybe ???!!!!!!

                        No photo's / selfies of the National State Forest are available at this point in time..........


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