Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Moving through the motions.......again.

Hello everyone, Miss Depression here.
Well it feels like that anyway.

We are home from hospital and have fallen in an emotional heap.

Amelia is definately in "recovery mode" after what has occured in the last week.
She is exceptionally tired.

Scott and I are not people you would really want to be around at the moment.
Lots of "why us", "the house is like a hospital ", "our 2 children need around the clock care" and "our life is shit".
I know many of you have said "you will get used to it" and "it will become the new normal".
My argument is ......
We did not need a new normal.
We already had enough on our plate.
Weren't we already dealing with enough?

I am sure you all want to come and visit after reading that now!

The only person happy is Tom.
He is enthusiastically waking up and treating each day as he always has.
Talking non stop, arguing his point and eating constantly.
The needles are already becoming second nature to him, as is the finger pricks 5 days a day and night.
Tom is taking everything in his stride and is full of explanations for anyone that asks him about his new routine. He will even happily show you the needle process if you want to see it, with full commentary!

Thank you for all the many messages.
The shock that so many of you felt on Christmas Eve makes us feel that this negative stage we are traveling through is justified.

Just wonder if I will ever experience a happy, carefree and positive life now.
(will attempt to be happier next post).


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