Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The ladder

Big Day.

Today began with swimming at Nana and Poppy's.
Amelia decided that she wanted to get out of the pool (very hard when she is 60 odd kg) walk around to the side of the pool and JUMP in.
This is huge......not only on my back!
She is facing her fears.
A task that was so very simple 2 years ago is now something that scares her.
Due to her physical skills, once she initially sinks, it is panic stations when she cannot resurface again.
After much encouragement and plans about "how to handle this".....
SHE DID IT !!!!!

6 times later and I took refuge in the Volteren anti- inflammatory at home !!

After 2 hours of swimming, her legs no longer worked outside of the pool.
But Amelia was happy.
That is what is important.

We had to return for a meeting with one of our "guru" specialists.
Amelia's Private OT.
Someone that has helped us in so many ways.
She reads this blog, when she wants to know how we are traveling, and offers assistance when the time is right.

Today's meeting centred around respite care (within the home and out).
We discussed our "comfortability" with strangers caring for Amelia and they explained how "friends" and people we know could assist.
They also discussed funding options

We talked about disability art classes (Amelia's passion).
Other organisations were mentioned for camps and activity programs.
There was a discussion about sibling support and assistance (Tom).
There was also talk about the fact that we have no income (use our Superannuation).

In there somewhere we talked about a new bed and dining table chair for Amelia, so she does not fall off the chair at meal times.

Centrelink and Physio "guru's" are occuring in the next week.

I am climbing that ladder to be positive again.

One life people.
One life.
Wallow in self pity and then take the bull by the horns.



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