Friday, 11 April 2014

D Day

Hello Everyone.

It is with a very tired body and mind that I come to you.

Scott's 40th Birthday Party is tomorrow.

We have spent the last 5 days preparing for this event.

We have tidied, vacumned, mopped, swept, blower vacked, weeded, decluttered, shopped and used a high pressure guerney.

The children have been magnificent.

Amelia : "I am bored".

Tom : "I played footy and thought that I would come and watch a DVD with Amelia, to keep her company.
I watched barbie mum.

BUT they wanted a party WITH their daddy.
This is the ramification of that.

They may have laughed so much that Amelia dribbled all over her top.
She may have threatened to "wet her pants".

He is a GOOD brother.

"I looked after her" he said.

Truly. Honestly.
He is a good kid.

Thank you to Mardi, Kirsty and Fiona that helped us elevate the boredom.

We are now finished the clean-up.

We have approximately 90 people coming tomorrow night.
Approximately 50 are saying they will be here till morning.

Oh Dear.

There are also a few surprises for Scott.
I cannot tell you.
He now reads this Blog!

So many friends from past and present to celebrate my marvelous husband with.

I will be giving a speech.

Have an amazing night Scott.

See you on the other side everyone.


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