Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My 40th

Two posts in one night !!!!!
BUT my mind is in overdrive.

Scott is in the middle of planning his very sedate 40th Bithday.
It has me thinking about mine.

It is in 6 months.

Everyone knows that I have never had closure on Amelia's Project.
It ended so abruptly.

BUT the love in the room on those nights was overwhelming.
People traveled from far and wide to FEEL that LOVE.

I want my 40th in that place.

I want people that have supported us from FAR and WIDE to come.

I want everyone I have ever known to come.

Even the people I have never met, face to face, to come.

I want to get someone really fun to host, like a Hypnotist or wacky Trivia Man.

I want Amelia and Tom to come, just like they are to Scott's.

I want to celebrate Amelia here for my milestone birthday.......with me.

I want a MASSIVE Birthday party and a MASSIVE  celebration of our family, while we are all together.

I will do it.

You are all invited.

Keep October 2014 FREE.

Please Come.

Amanda (39 years of age).


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