Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Beautiful Person

Hello everyone.

Many of you know the beautiful friend we made through Amelia's Project that lives in New Zealand.
You may remember that she flew over to meet us.......... (you read that correctly) after reading about our family in a magazine.
You may remember me telling you that we were worried that she may be some psycho axe murderer and her family were worried we may be just a "scam".
Meeting the genuinely beautiful Holly Detman could not have been any different.
She flew over to give Amelia a big hug and a photo album she had handcrafted herself.

No ulterior motive.

Next she flew over to attend the BrAshA-T gala night to help raise funds to find a cure for Ataxia Telangiectasia.

The last time we saw her she stayed with us.
She wanted to attend the final Amelia's Project Gala night.

She has now become one of my closest friends and Scott, Amelia, Tom and I consider her as part of our family.

What people do not know is that Holly and Marcus have been desperately wanting a child since long before we met them.

Today they announced they are pregnant.
One little tadpole swam with all it's might to stay and grow in Holly's body.

We are beside ourselves excited for them in this house.

This is a couple that truly deserves the gift of a child.
It is going to be the most well loved, well cared for little miracle.

Congratulations Holly and Marcus.


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