Thursday, 3 March 2011

My Amelia

A child is very "fragile" in their way of thinking.

In our house at the moment we have 2 children that have been through a very difficult time.

I am very concious of what I say and do.

Amelia is definately not her normal self. But we have been through this two times before.
Once when she was three, going through the initial Cerebral Palsy diagnosis and another time when she was five. The latter one is freshest in all of our memories. An attempt at a lumbar puncture that went horribly wrong.
 If you can imagine 45 minutes of Amelia being held down, Scott being asked to help and me crawled up in a corner.
They never got that fluid out of her spine, but the reaction now from Amelia is the same as then.

Amelia is very emotional at the moment. She cries easily and gets angry very quickly.
Her "safe" world has been shattered, yet again.

Amelia's confidence has disappeared and her fears have increased.
I shouldn't be surprised.
In the last 7 weeks, she has been held down for numerous tests and heard many things from doctors, nurses and people around us.

When this has occured previously, the same reactions/behaviours last for about six weeks.
Hopefully with a lot of cuddles, reassurance and praise the "old" Amelia will come back soon.

At the moment Amelia sits with me silently. She will not play with her friends or talk confidently with others. I understand part of this is due to the recent "decline" in brain cells.

We need to accept what is happening to Amelia and the changes that are going to happen over the next few years, But at the moment..........

I just want my Amelia back.

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