Thursday, 3 March 2011

How Sad

My family is beautiful.
Even though I suffer from anxiety, I have always been very grateful for fate placing me in the same spot as Scott.
We both have "issues" but we support each other and will be together forever.

My children are my world. Literally.
My full-time job is caring for my children.
I have a degree where I could be earning in excess of $70,000 per year, but my children mean so much more than that.

Today an article was published in a national newspaper. I have fielded calls from magazines, television and friends.
My children had to go and "play" with their grandparents so that I could deal with all the calls, emails and text messages.

My "guardian angels" helped spread the word about Ataxia Telangiectasia. Their messages, once again, helped me get through a very difficult day. So many people, it makes me cry.

But one very obvious comment that has stood out today..... "How Sad".

How Sad? Why?

Scott and I just had a discussion about this comment, which has appeared all day.

It is not sad to me. Scott disagrees.

I have the most amazing little girl that I am so very proud of.
To live with someone so beautiful, positive and happy is a pleasure.
I am honored.
Who cares if one life is long or short?
Amelia's life is going to be filled with love and happiness.
I am determined to make that happen.
It is now my destiny.

Look at our world.............
Ethiopia, Iraq and homeless people.

Amelia Grace Nicholds is going to have the most amazing life and I am going to have no regrets at the end.

I get to live with her smile and happiness everyday and I feel very special to be given that pleasure.

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