Thursday, 3 March 2011

What is life?

What is Life? Seriously.
We all have it but what does it mean?

If someone has had a "good life", what has made it good?

In our current situation I have had to change my mind to this question.

I have always wished for happiness. That belief has not changed.
I have always wished for a "long life". That belief has changed.

If you are happy, content and feel loved that is a "good life".
It does not matter if it is short or long. The content of your life is what makes it a "good life" or not.

Your own life is a very personal thing. The very basis of it does not involve anyone else even though many other people will be involved in it. Inside your body it is only you.

In my own life I have been confronted with a situation that has put me at a crossroad. At 36 years of age it is a situation I could never have imagined happening. It is definately something I could not try to imagine if not in my shoes right now. But the crossroad is quite simple. There are only 2 options. Positive or Negative and I had to choose one. My choice was positive.

When you are told your 7 year old daughter will have a short life and soon become totally dependent on you for everything, you realise there is not much time left to make a "good life". Yes, Amelia's life has been good up until now but then you think of the age-old question "What would you do if you had 24 hours to live".

The positive road I have chosen to take has handed me a very important task. I must make Amelia's life a good one. But I want to raise the bar and make it a special one that was worth it only being a short one.

Think back to your childhood. The freedom, responsibilty free and wonder of life. No mortgages, broken hearts or people dying. These things all make us what we are as adults but as children there is so much to enjoy and admire without this kind of worry.

Amelia's life is going to be special. I need to be positive otherwise I cannot complete the task I have been set.

I have been given the gift of life and I am going to make it a "good one"........

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