Thursday, 3 March 2011

Give and Take

My father brought me up to believe that you make your own way in life. You work and pay for the things you can afford. Do not expect money or handouts from other people because this is your life. Work for it.

In our current situation people around us are giving a lot. In my own personal discovery I have found that I am not good at taking. It is very hard and makes me feel guilty.

People who mean so much to us are giving money, gifts and food. But what means so much more is that they are giving their emotions and precious time. Two very personal and raw things, especially the emotions. I am not upset by people crying when they see us at the supermarket. I take that as a compliment. We have such a special person that has made such an impression on these people. There are many people who have changed the way they live their lives based on our story.

But I am now growing tired of arguing with people for giving so many different things to us. There is already so much to think about and make happen in our family. Every day I wake up and focus on what special memories we will create today. So I am going to move my focus away from feeling guilty for other peoples kindness and appreciate and give thanks for it instead.

Maybe in my own little positive way I will give something very special back. A thank you and a big smile from a little girl for making or contributing to a special memory in her wonderful life.......

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