Sunday, 1 May 2011


Have been unable to post anything until now.
As well as being sick AGAIN, it is taking a while to recover from "The Royal Wedding Sleepover Party".
It seems I do not have the endurance and recovery "in me" that I used to have !!!!
But I am in shock that Amelia stayed up till midnight and can still walk and talk. I cannot remember the last time she was able to stay up that late.
So much fun.
And Amelia and I thought the wedding was absolutely beautiful.
Thank you Julia and Gary for letting us come and stay.
(Loved the message from Emma Hull. Because of our obvious excitment about the wedding, her daughter Olivia saw it on the TV and said "oh is that the wedding Amelia was going to. Let's see if we can see her !!")

Yesterday I was a zombie.

Today we had a very excited 4 year old boy.
His first time at Auskick.
I should of filmed his excitement and enthusiasm this morning. It was just gorgeous.
But trying to get there by 8:45am on a Sunday morning took all of Scott and my energy.
But we all went. Scott, Amelia and I. And my brother Stuart came too.
Something else just for Tom. He loved it.
I asked him if he enjoyed it and was looking forward to coming back next week.
His answer " Definately, cause I am really good at it !!!"

Anyway now we wait in excitement for a special letter from Jazz (Tracey) in Hairspray that someone just got this evening.
How exciting !!


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