Thursday, 28 April 2011


Last nights Amelia Project Meeting was HUGE !!!!
Lots of people, lots of discussion, organising and plans.
To tell you the truth, I was a bit shocked.
Third meeting and so many people.
I am still waiting for everyone to realise they have done their "fair share" and stop contributing.
There is a waiting list for tins, a waiting list for Amelia's Night on June 11th and I wonder whether Karingal MacDonalds can hold the amount of people attending on May 17th!
And that is just to name a few things happening. I did not even mention the sausage sizzles occuring over the coming weeks.
But I do find the meetings very mentally and physically draining. Apparently no one else does but when it is all centred around your family and you are worrying about how much time people are putting in, it weighs you down.
But I do have a secret.
I have about 8 people that I need to find seats for.
Stressing me a bit. Forgot that I had promised them seats.
It will all work out, won't it ???!!!!

Flight centre was exciting.
The cost of the flights is at an all time high so we have to wait for "sales" and once one airline reduces their costs, the rest will follow suit.
But talking about our "plans", hotels, time spent and the weather at that time of year. It made me very excited.
We are actually going to do this!

But right now Amelia and I are looking forward to tomorrow night.
What was going to be a "grown up girls sleeper over night" - with lots of alcohol, has now turned into a mother / daughter "royal wedding extravaganza!!!"
I just got home from the shops where I bought our tiara's. Now to find the pearls, pretty dresses and make up!
It is going to be so much fun!!

Anyway had a great impromptu meeting with the school today and Amelia is loving being back with her friends (which includes some staff members!).


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