Tuesday, 26 April 2011

End of Holidays.

I really hate the end of school holidays.
We have had so much fun and got along so well (except when everyone stayed away from me on my 2 bad mood days!) and now it is back to busy, busy, busy.

Yesterday we were treated to a special day with Emma and Chris Hull. We drove down to their campsite 1hour away and had the best time. Such a beautiful place and so peaceful.
The hospitality was awesome and our kids have memories to last a long time.
Tom went into the river, fully clothed, up to his shoulders and played like that for hours.
Amelia floated down the river in a raft and couldn't stop giggling.
We walked, ate, rode bikes and just relaxed.
I put our names down for one of the cabins next Easter (I don't do camping!).
And the gorgeous owners, after meeting us, gave us a voucher for June 11th.
The kids are already planning the next trip down there!

Today we caught up with friends that we have known for a very looooong time.
They have just finished building the most beautiful house in the most gorgeous area. The pool and alfresco area were unbelieveable. The all white furniture caused a bit of stress for us, mainly with Tom!

But now I pack the school bag, make lunches and get up very early again.

At least I have my first formal appointment tomorrow about booking DISNEYLAND !!!!!
Very excited.


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