Thursday, 5 May 2011


Feeling rather sentimental tonight.
Overnight I had 5 hours sleep (thank you Tom, hot water service and itunes!), but woke up surprisingly positive this morning.

"Stuff this" I thought. "Get over it".
So I did.

I dressed trendy (very unusual for me lately) and went and saw the most spetacular book parade I have ever seen. And my gorgeous Amelia was in it !

But now in my positive thoughts I am reflecting on Amelia's Project.
So many people. So much kindness. So much love.

You all do not see/hear the people I do.

The people who do not post on FB.

The ones who show up at your door with a kind word, gift or invitation to go out.
The private messages of love and support.
The text messages and phone calls.

So many people that read everything online but do not show everyone else that they are there.

Thank you and know how much I do appreciate it.

And the rollercoaster continues .................


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