Sunday, 29 May 2011

Tom - Hospital

Well our weekend has ended up differently than it started!

Tonight while I was on the phone to mum I heard a THUMP from the front loungeroom and then Tom screaming hysterically.
Tom only cries like that when he is really hurt.
He came into the kitchen and I hugged him.
He explained that he was looking at the new cushions on the couch, rolled off and hit the coffee table (curved edge).
Because of the sound of the collision I suggested that he have some Nurofen before the headache set in.
While he was drinking it I noticed that he had blood on his face.
Then I noticed blood on his t-shirt ....and all around his neck.
My reaction I cannot remember but both kids were hysterical within seconds.
Then Tom started vomiting everywhere.
I rang my neighbours, Mardi and Jason.
Jason came and got Amelia who was extremely upset and Mardi drove us to the Hospital.

Tom went back to his normal happy self in the waiting room. Telling strangers about himself and asking questions of them.

When we went in to see a doctor, people kept coming to see the child who wouldn't stop talking and asking questions.

Then we were taken into a private room and Tom had the "magic gas" while he received an anesthetic and 4 stitches to the back of the head.
The gash was HUGE !!

Ten minutes we walked out of there with Tom talking non stop.

When we got home Amelia was still quite traumatised by this evenings events.
She needed lots of cuddles and reassuring that Tom is fine.

WOW.....glad tomorrow is a new day !!!!!!!


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