Saturday, 28 May 2011

More recording of special events.......

I would like to return to more photo's of events that have occured recently.

On Tuesday March 2nd we were invited by Kate Robertson (Charlton) to have a "behind the scenes" visit to Melbourne Zoo. We were attending the Royal Children's Hospital that day and the zoo was only 5 mins away.
Kate's fiance is a zoo keeper with the giraffes, but as we were to learn he has worked in many areas of the zoo in the last 14 or so years.

The experiences we had that day can only be described as "amazing".
I will never forget that day myself and cannot wait until we can take Scott back to see it all (YES! Howie said we can go back another time !).

Inside the giraffe enclosure, feeding the carrots !!!!

Look at the size of their heads !!!!!

The AWESOME Howie with Amelia and Tom .....

Sharing the Love !!

Anyone want to feed the Lions ???!!!!!

Such majestic creatures.....

Thank you so much Kate and Howie.

On April 2nd, Anna Ellam and her gorgeous children, spoiled us to a visit at Silvers Circus in Frankston.

Katie, Tom, Poppy and Amelia

Anna came prepared for Amelia. Loud sounds or explosions scare her, so this was a perfect solution.

Amelia and Tom with the Ringmaster

The kids enjoying the show !!!

For Frankston the tickets were very expensive but the show was spectactular !!!!!
Thanks Anna, Stuart, Katie and Poppy. It was Amelia and Tom's first circus and they LOVED IT !!!!


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