Friday, 27 May 2011

What a week !!!

Every week is a big week and this one was no exception.
My apologies for not writing sooner but I have been collapsing into bed every night.

On Tuesday morning I had a very productive meeting at school about Amelia.
It was informative, interesting and soothing, all at the same time.
The compassion shown towards our situation was obvious.
I love the school we have chosen and am very grateful that the main staff care about Amelia.

Wednesday we drove into Melbourne to meet a genuinely beautiful person.
Holly Detman flew from New Zealand just to meet us.
She had read our story and felt a connection. There was also an urge to meet us.
We had a delicious lunch and she gave Amelia a gorgeous handmade "photo album" to take to Disneyland.
I feel that we actually had the pleasure of meeting an extremely kind and caring person that day.

Thursday something happened at school that does not need discussing.
It made Amelia cry.....lots.
This made me fall apart in front of two people I honestly respect.
Thank you to those people for crying WITH me.
It made me realise once again, that I am human and need to grieve.

The friendships that are being established in so many areas of Amelia"s Project will last forever.
Not only for me personally, but for many others too.
Here is a little girl......a daughter, a grandaughter, a niece, a friend......a child, slowly fading away.

So very, very upsetting........ BUT at least we have been given the chance to make her "lifetime" beautiful and amazing.

Thank you to all of those kind souls that are helping me.


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