Friday, 3 June 2011

Amelia's 8th Birthday

Tomorrow my little girl is turning 8 years old.
Amelia Grace Nicholds was born at 10:03pm on Wednesday 4th June 2003.

Today 4 beautiful people came to my house (or should I say pushed their way in ?!) with decorations, party food and a helping hand.
In the final hours it was 2 very pregnant women on chairs hanging streamers from my ceiling to create a fairy / mermaid wonderland in one room and a disco in the other.
Our house is barely recognisable this evening (and Scott trying to watch TV in the disco room was funny!).

Tonight 3 more beautiful people came to scan about 200 photo's for a DVD on June 11th.

Now I must go and finish mopping and cleaning bathrooms in preparation for a memorable day with my family tomorrow before the party starts and the dancing begins.

Hello to my 14 followers and my regular visitors from overseas xxx

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