Friday, 29 July 2011


America is now booked.
I am finally able to say a very special thankyou to Nic Spicer.
I have not had any contact with Nic since 1992.
Because of everything that has happened recently she has chosen to come back into our lives.
While pregnant with her second child, she worked tirelessly to try and get us cheaper flights for our "dream trip" to Disneyland.
Because of her persisting with contacting various people in the industry she was able to achieve something which is so much more heartwarming.
The wife of someone in a high position of Flight Centre saw our DVD that circulated around the Internet. (It is now on the right hand side of this Blog).
Nic was contacted by this husband and wife to offer their assistance with our holiday.
By choosing to book our entire trip through Flight Centre, Nic was assured that this "couple" would pay $5000 off the total.
Yesterday it happened.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Nic and whoever this man and woman are in Queensland.
Special, special people.

Tonight a man came around to give Amelia her very own laptop computer.
It will be used at school everyday for all Amelia's school work.
We will also be able to purchase special "disability" software to assist Amelia with her learning.
This was all organised by Cindy Reed through an organisation called "Beyond Disability". I have not seen Cindy since 1985!
We have been given a brand new computer, with brand new (up to date) software and a modem to enable us to connect to the Internet anywhere, anytime.
All paid for by these very kind people.
Thank you so much Cindy and Beyond Disability.

But there is three people that I have been wanting to thank for so very, very long now.
I know that there are so many of you out there (and I will work my way slowly through the list) but these 3 girls have been unbelievable.
I cannot describe the work they have put in. The emotional energy, support and hours has been mind blowing.
Jemimah Simpkin, Michelle Clark and Belinda Plunket .......... you are truly angels.
There is absolutely no way I am going to ever be able to repay you...........

It has been a very difficult week with Miss Amelia.
I am hoping with ALL my heart and soul that her ability this week is due to the emotional upset of the car accident.
Another soon....... well lets just say we have struggled this week.


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