Sunday, 14 August 2011

The GALA night Report

Last night was the Brashat Melbourne Gala Night.

Amelia's Project was fortunate to have 5 tables there to support the research, into Ataxia Telangiectasia, that is happening in Brisbane.

Scott and I proudly sat with new friends, old friends, family and friends of friends.

None of you HAD to come.
But you did.

Formal clothing needed to purchased, babysitters had to be organised, transport needed to get there and get home........and for many....accomodation booked.

And today, nurse a hangover !! (alcohol was included in the ticket price).

So many people have supported us this year on our "new pathway".
Last night was another experience to remind us that people care.
Thank you.

The room was spectacular.
There was 380 people in the room learning about A-T and the new research being discovered.
The food was plentiful and the alcohol in abundance.
And the speeches..........
Inspiring, hopeful and sad.
The DVD...........cut deep.

Hopefully a large amount of money was raised last night.

But, overall, it was a room full of people coming together to help a small group of children survive longer than what we were all individually told on the day of diagnosis..............


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