Monday, 15 August 2011

Next ........

I have found it much easier to adopt the motto "one day at a time" to my life at the moment.
It could even be changed to "one event at a time".
Under the heading of events includes all of the major fundraisers, minor ones, family commitments, school and Kinder responsibilities.

Tonight I sat down for 2 hours and updated my diary.
Kinder, school, medical appointments and social occasions.
This pile of paperwork on my bench needed sorting.
This is a big job that has been staring at me for weeks.

Now I am moving my focus towards Disneyland.
Clothes, shoes, bathers, visa's and pay the remaining amount for our trip.
ALL need to be looked at and I may need to shop (now that may be fun!).

We are also very lucky to have housesitters while we are gone.
So after the year of , "I cannot be bothered cleaning", the house needs a massive clean.
I would be very embarrassed leaving it to a family the way it is now.

So I am calling this .......... Week 1 of getting on top of my jobs !!!!

One of those roles is to reply to all the text messages, inbox and email's I have received in the last few weeks. I apologise if you are still waiting for a reply !!!!!

Scott said yesterday "just rest". Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!
And that was after my neighbour witnessed me on my hands and knees beside the car (not a pretty sight!!). We had just returned from the previous nights Gala Dinner and the car ride home made my stomach do many somersaults.  So I rolled out of the car and stayed at ground level !!!

So my point is, when do mum's rest ??
Never !!
.......well maybe while drinking lots of alcohol at a Gala Night.........


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