Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lists and lists and lists.

I may have a new motto for right now.
I have already mentioned "rolling with the punches".
Now it will be"taking it ALL in my stride"......

Last night Scott cleaned out his wardrobe (after I ordered him to!).
In the bathroom renovation he will be losing his "man cave" and we will be sharing the same one.
We moved our bedroom around to accomodate the chest of drawers. Tom was so excited. "I feel like we are moving house" he announced jumping up and down.

Now in the next 2 days we have to ....
1. Choose tiles for two bathrooms.
2. Choose 2 new vanities.
3. Choose 2 new showerheads.
4. Choose 2 new toilets.
5. and find a spa bath suitable.
And Scott works full time remember !!!

Then bathrooms and Scott's wardrobe need emptying before we leave in 2 weeks !!!!

Did I mention we also need to pack and be organised for our "trip of a lifetime?".

Taking it all in my stride........

Making sure that the housesitters can still live and function here is also on my mind.
BUT when you have something so wonderful as a group of tradesmen offering to work for free.....well we can make it all happen.
Now "Tait Hardware" in Somerville have also offered to donate all of the building supplies as well.
2011 has changed my opinion on EVERYTHING in life.
It may have been bad but there has also been so much good.

Today Tom's Kinder friends received a notice today explaining THIS website. Amelia is also handing one out to all of the staff members at school.
So many people have been on this journey with us this year and now I want everyone to live it with us.
Tom and Amelia want to share the experience with people around them.

Anyone is welcome to read the entries on the right hand side of this blog BUT please remember it is NOT suitable for children to read.

Now I must go and continue my "list writing" because there is SO much I need to do !!!!!



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