Friday, 23 September 2011


Today I am bursting with pride, excitement and happiness.
In just the few short hours I have been awake, so much has already occured to make me want to cry tears of joy.

It began with sibling rivalry in our bed this morning.
During our morning cuddles the kids started annoying each other.
Amelia was "mimicking" Tom.
Putting on a different voice and copying his words.
Tom said "Stop being a baby".
Amelia's response .......
"Just because I have disibilities does not mean I am a baby".

Woooo Hoooo !!!

It is not what he meant (he was talking about about her voice) but I absolutely love this opinion.

Then she said "and you have nail polish on, so you are a girl".

Now this is where I stepped in and told them to "be nice". But on the inside I was jumping for joy.
My Amelia still has a bit of spunk in her !!!!!

Then we arrived at school for "footy day".
As we made our way through the gate and to our area, Amelia and Tom had the biggest smiles. They were being booed AND high fived for their teams clothing. They both thought is was hilarious.

When I see my children genuinely happy, it makes me very emotional.
I am already visualising our holiday (in 13 sleeps!) and spending a lot of time crying !!

So as I prepare to go and choose the tiles for our NEW bathrooms, I feel my heart and mind are very warm from the beautiful experiences I have already had today.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


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