Saturday, 24 September 2011


Today we had to find EVERYTHING for two new bathrooms.

The family bathroom needs a spa bath, shower head over bath and vanity.
The ensuite needs a detachable shower head, vanity and toilet.
Both bathrooms need towel rails, taps, drain grates, handles and floor and wall tiles.

Lots to choose, order and pay for.

Now I am going to explain a scenario of the day......

Kids were really excited about helping us find everything.
Scott and I were very anxious having never done this before.

At our second "showroom" we found a very helpful lady and many of our final purchases.
We were there for 2 hours.

The children suddenly became feral.
They decided the baths and showers were an excellent place to play "hide'n'seek".

And then chasey.

They ran, laughed loudly and called out constantly.
They treated the place like a playcentre!

As Scott and I tried our best to discipline, redirect and grab firmly by the upper arm, it continued.

As Scott and I asked questions, looked at products and made final decisions, Amelia and Tom were behaving like they were already at Disneyland!

After 90 minutes ..... it happened.

When you think that they can possibly not add any more to their game, they come up with a new element..........

As we were standing at the counter waiting for the estimated amount, we heard very loudly (echoing off tiles and baths)......


from one of our adorable children.

On the other side of the showroom, an even louder.....


Scott and I turned around and looked at all the people shopping, all the salespeople trying to communicate and started laughing.

They were now going to play a game of !!!!!!

I looked at Scott and said

"well at least they are happy".

We were told we could do the rest over the phone !!!!!


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