Monday, 12 September 2011

New Day

Thankfully I have woken up today in a much better mood.
I appreciate all the comments I received saying that I am not the only one to experience days like yesterday.

Thinking of asking the "True Blood" creators and onion farmers for a cut of their profits.
From all my messages I think both are doing extremely well at the moment!

Amelia is really happy lately.
I think it may have something to do with the extra assistance she is now getting in the classroom.
Maybe she does not feel that school is "so hard" now.
And she is lucky, because the people helping her genuinely have her best interests covered.
They actually seem to really care about her.

Spoke to Ann in California today.
On our first day in Anaheim she is going to take me to Cosco.
I will stock up on all the esentials so that we do not have to pay the ridiculous prices in Disneyland.
Bottled water and juice will save us a fortune.
We also discussed Ann and her husband Felippe driving us all down to San Diego one day.
It would take about 90 minutes and their seaworld and zoo are awesome.
Dad keeps asking me if 9 days is going to be long enough for everything I want us all to do !!

Anyway.....only 24 more sleeps.

AND something else.....

While we are gone a beautiful friends husband (who was at the Amelia Night) would like to renovate our 2 bathrooms.
One to accomodate baths and one to accomodate showers.
All of the trademen he has recruited would like to do the work for free.
So we will just pay for the materials.
How kind is that ?

So that is nice way to finish todays blog isn't it ??!!


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