Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Up, down and all around

Once again it has been an interesting week of emotions.

The weekend was busy, much busier than usual.

On Saturday morning "the Moshi Monster" expert (an 8 year old girl) came over to give the kids and I inside information on how to get further in the website.
Definately a very computer literate little girl and one I struggled to keep up with.
But Amelia and Tom now have "moshlings" and they are very happy !!!!

Saturday afternoon Amelia had her first appointment with a very clever speech therapist.
She was "spot on" with her recognition of Amelia's difficulties and how to help her manage it.
Swallowing and breathing while talking have been addressed and Amelia just needs simple reminders to help her remember what to do.

Sunday was Fathers Day and we celebrated a very special day with Scott, my dad and Scott's dad.

Amelia was tired Monday and came home from school exhausted.
She was eager to tell me some incidents that had occured in the playground at school though.
One child told her she does not now how to catch a ball, another close friend said "we are breaking up" and finally someone asked her........."do you ever wish you were normal".
She was really down that night and we found ourselves giving lots of cuddles and reassurance.
This morning at Tom's Kinder a child said "you cannot talk properly. You talk like a baby".
I was impressed to see Tom jump to her defence.
I said to him "yes she can talk properly. YOU just can't understand her".

I think that I may take Amelia to look at the special school I looked at a few months ago.
The one where they are intellectually ok but physically they have difficulties.
See what she thinks and whether she would like to consider attending one day a week next year.
It may help her to see that she is normal.
Everyone is normal.
No one is the same, everyone is different.
At this special school she could see that there are lots of children just like her.
She just hasn't met them yet.

Imagine watching everyone laugh, run, jump and be full of energy........
While you stand there struggling to put one foot in front of the other.
You struggle to hold a conversation.........
To get them to stay long enough and listen while you get the words out.
You feel so incredibly tired...........
all of the time.

Maybe it is time we start introducing her to other children that have difficulties too.
Children that also go to school.

Just a thought at the moment.......

Then something very funny happens.

Another A-T family told me about an old wives tale..........
Put onions next to your bed.
Do not peel them or cut them.
They absorb all bacteria and infection and keep a person healthy.
I thought there was no harm in trying this out.
We have slept the whole Winter with onions next to the kids beds.
The kids have had the healthiest Winter they have ever had.
For the first time ever in Amelia's life she has not had croup once this year.
Then we did a really stupid thing.
We needed them for cooking and I did not replace them.
We ate the onions possibly full of bacteria and infection.
Now we have all been sick for over two weeks.
Coincidence ???
(But if you google this myth it says do not put onions in the fridge and then eat them because of the amount of bacteria they have absorbed).
So now we ALL have onions next to us at night.
Interesting talking point when people come over !!!!

So tonight I had the biggest laugh this week when I was looking at Facebook (after finishing another 2 episodes of True Blood of course!).......
I read the following status from my male neighbour whose wife I adore...(I hope that he does not mind if I copy and paste it).......

" Should i be worried? - i really like our neighbour .... but now find myself lying in bed next to an onion ...and just finished watching some vampire series....worse still i found myself wanting more !!".


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