Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Onions, musicals, vomit and Vampires !!!

So how many people are sleeping with onions next to their bed after last nights blog ??!!
I can only imagine !!

Interesting day today.
Amelia spent the morning vomiting.
I have no idea why.
After a few hours she got up (from being lifeless seconds earlier) and was starving.
So whatever it was is hopefully gone.

Tom had his first invite as a "prep in 2012" at the Primary School today.
We were invited to go and see the Grade 6 musical.
It was so good and brought back so many memories.
My beautiful dad came to sit with Amelia so that she could continue vomiting and then I could go and let Tom enjoy feeling special and important.
We danced and sang along to Hairspray, high school musical, Grease, Mumma Mia and The Lion King.
It was run so well we had no idea that a boy had fallen over backstage and an ambulance had been called.
He has recovered apparently but I felt for the poor mum (who I know) receiving THAT phone call.
But the memories came flooding back from my Grade 6 musical.
Alice In Wonderland.
I was the Cheshire Cat and it was one of my most favorite experiences ever.

Thank you everyone for putting up with my constant talk of True Blood.
I think I love it for many different reasons.
Firstly, Scott and I ALWAYS sit at opposite ends of the house once the kids go to bed.
We generally like different TV shows and I have my computer obsession.
But now we excitedly get the kids to bed so we can get the next episode started!!!
And the other thing is, after you get to Episode 6, Season 1, you are hooked.
Hook, line and sinker.
It just gets better and better !!!
Anything to bring some extra happiness and excitement into our home (even if it is through vampires, sex and romance).

Soon you will be able to read my blogs and see LOTS of photo's from Disneyland.
I want you to all try and live it with us........


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