Friday, 9 September 2011

Mainly highs

This week I have rolled with the punches.
I have also been lucky enough to roll with the "highs".

The most recent would have to be the treatment of Tom at the Primary School today.
You do not realise a 5 years old's thinking of his sister's school until you listen to his surprise of going to art and music weekly.
When he says "can you ask the sports teacher to take it easy on me on my first day".

The anxiety after our car accident reached fever pitch for poor Tom.
REALLY odd behaviour and mannerisms began.
Once the talk of school next year began, he became worse.

So today an incredible person at the school showed him around.
I say incredible because he talked to Tom.
He described and explained things so that Tom understands what he will be doing next year.
I have not seen the anxiety behaviour at all today.

Then Amelia woke me up very early today.
Excited that it is "Friday".
Today Amelia had a project to present to the class.
She had to give a talk about Community helpers.
She had interviewed Scott about making plastic products, including our council rubbish bins.
Such excitement about interviewing, writing and presenting over the last week.
Apparently she got extra ticks for smiling and looking at the audience.
It makes me emotional that the school knew she would be able to do it. They also insisted on doing all the practice during school hours.

Something that may appear exhuberant and selfish..........I booked another holiday.
We didn't use Amelia's Project funds, we used our weekly money.
When we get back from America,I have been worried that we will crash and burn.....mentally.
This whole year has been geared to going to Disneyland.
So when we get home........I need to be busy again.
I need to keep my mind occupied.
If I fall apart, I worry everyone will.

November 17th , Eclipse at midnight.
Amelia finishing Grade 2 and Christmas.
AND now January 11th - 18th 2012, the kids and I are going to stay with a good friend in Coolum, Queensland.
She has 4 gorgeous daughters that spoil my two.
I can relax with my friend and........just be.
Before we come home and begin another full on school year and Tom entering Primary School permanently.

Then Amelia's Project begins again.
This week I heard about something being organised that will make it even bigger than it aleady is.

So must go and watch True Blood now.
Have a beautiful weekend everyone.


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