Friday, 14 October 2011

Our Beautiful Princess and Knight in Shining Armor.... (Warning : Possible Tearjerker )

Today Amelia and Tom were taken to a magical place where everyone gets a Fairy Godmother.
She takes you through the shop and you choose ANYTHING you would like to tranform you into a Princess or Knight.
Very emotional for Scott and I.
The time and effort put into both children was remarkable.
Then we went to Ariel's Grotto for brunch.
Amelia and Tom LOVED the experience and so did we.

Tom getting ready to be "Transformed"

The Magical Room

Tom and his mohawk !!!!

Tom looing into the "magic" mirror

They kept calling him "Sir Knight Tom. He was so proud !!!

Now it is Amelia's turn......

After choosing the "Cinderella" dress, she had her hair done.

And a Princess ALWAYS needs a crown.

And nails need to be painted.

Make up was next...

All finished, now for the magic mirror.

Our Beautiful Princess.

Now we need to walk through the woods to get to our carriage.

The carriage ride Miss Princess and Sir Knight.

And off to the Ball.

Princess Belle at Ariel's Grotto.


Beautiful Cinderella

Amelia and Tom with Ariel.

One of the Portraits we get to keep.
Our little Princess.

Every little girl wants to be a Princess.
Today so many people bowed to Amelia and told her how beautiful she looked.
Tom also had an amazing time.
Both children had the BIGGEST smiles on their faces.

Now we are leaving to go to World of Colour.


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