Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Still an Angel in Heaven

Please read my last post FIRST before this one.

Just wanted to tell you that I will hold you to "The Breaking Dawn Ticket".
You were the first person that I contacted about a ticket.
I will keep your seat right beside me as we were always going to do.
You will still see the movie that we waited so long to see.

I just cannot believe that this has happened.
I will not be there to say goodbye.
But I will definately cry many, many tears here for you.

You were such a beautiful person and such an amazing mum to your 2 young children.


Life is short.
You can leave at anytime.
There can be no warning.

Smile and love life everyday.

Kel had just begun to find inner peace this year.
Please search for yours if you have not already found it.

Make a difference to those around you by leaving a happy memory of someone who lived and loved their life.
Someone who was content.

In memory of Kel, Amelia's Project will be assisting those beautiful children left behind.
Just wish that I could be there right now to give them a HUGE hug.
As Kel always did to Amelia.

Our "trip of a lifetime" WILL continue because you did SO much to assist in the fundraising.

I adored you and now I will of my memories.

Love you forever and ever.


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