Friday, 7 October 2011

We are here !!!!!

The first blog from America .......

The hotel, weather and customer service in Los Angeles has been amazing all day.
After taking so long to choose a hotel that "ticked all of the boxes" we are extremely happy with our final choice.
It is beautiful.

But lets rewind back to the 4am alarm on Thursday 6th October.
Not much sleep THAT night.

Then our Limo arrived and it was AWESOME.
And our magnificent neighbours came out to wave us off.
Everyone loved the experience.
Scott and I just questioned each other the whole way about anything we may have forgotten !!!

Here is photo of Amelia and Tom with our gorgeous limo driver.

The 14.5 hours on the plane I am going to appreviate.
Short and simple because I am already starting to forget about it.
- worst seats on the plane.
- couldn't move AT ALL.
- 4 hours into the trip Tom projectile vomits all over himself, me, Scott, his seat and the floor.
- no new t-shirt for Tom so he wears one of mine for the next 16 hours. (gets a lot of looks for the looooong pink t-shirt.)
- children get cranky because they are so tired.
- Amelia wakes up crying every 45 minutes saying "I want to go home".

So it is now 4pm and I have been awake for 30 hours straight.
No sleep.
Scott, Amelia and Tom got a few hours on the plane.

We always knew we were going to have to grin and bare the plane trip.
We just did not realise how bad it was going to be !!!

Moving on .....
arrived to a 10 seater limo at LAX Airport.

had to wait 90 minutes for our room, but we did not care (even though we all smelt like vomit !!).
We had sunshine, starbucks coffee and the most beautiful hotel lobby to wait in.
But most of all.......
The plane trip was over !!!!!!

We have all been out for lunch and tomorrow is HUGE.
Our first visit to Disneyland.


(and I have just finished typing to discover everyone around me sleeping!!)

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