Saturday, 8 October 2011

Disneyland Day 1

We slept in !!!!!

After such a long flight with no sleep, my parents and brother spent the morning banging on our door, searching the hotel for us and ringing our mobiles.
NONE of us woke up until 10:30am.
So the day started a lot later than originally planned !!

But lets REWIND ..........

Yesterday afternoon a "welcoming package" arrived for us, ordered by someone else.
Mum, dad and Stuart did not get it, so if it was someone on here.....thank you. It consisted of lots of chocolate, biscuits and a free inhouse movie.

Then my friend Ann arrived (who lives in California) with a huge amount of groceries. Lots of soft drink, snacks, bread, water and juice. She even gave us vegemite and snap lock bags !!!!
We needed it this morning seeing we missed Breakfast in the hotel !!!
Asleep by 9pm.
That means we ALL had 13 hours sleep !!!

When we finally arrived at Disneyland it was overwhelming.
The place is awesome.
But I think we may have only adjusted to the atmosphere today and will be more ready for the amazement next time.
We only went on 1 ride because of the heat and the queues.
But we still did SO MUCH.
We left at 12pm and arrived back at 7pm !!!!

Tom had MANY meltdowns and I think he was just more outward about what we were all feeling inside.
Amelia and I settled after we did some MAJOR shopping.
You could (and we will) go crazy in purchases there.

As the day continued more and more people arrived, so you definately have to get there for the 10am open.

Tonight we have had Mexican for dinner where the kids had balloon crowns made.

Tomorrow Ann is taking us all to San Diego where we will go to their Sea World.

I have also just finished booking all of our character dining over the next week. 5 bookings !!!!

I will finish off tonight with lots of photo's.
Thank you for all of the beautiful messages.

Entrance to Disneyland

Once again at the entrance

The entrance to Fantasy Land (where the Princesses are !!)

The Princess part of the parade (there was heaps !!)

Amelia buying her AWESOME Minnie Mouse Slippers !!

And to ALL the Langwarrin Primary people LOOK who we happened to cross paths with. Of all the millions (and there are alot!) of people inside Disneyland we happened to pass Mrs Pepper and her family !!!!

Dinner time and still smiling !!

And at 7pm as we headed home for bath and bed look at how very HAPPY these two were.

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