Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ann (ex Arena) and Felippe Lugo are amazing !!!!!

Today began with a yummy buffet breakfast downstairs.
We were all a lot happier and more awake than the previous two days.

Then we began our BIG day nice and early - 9am.
Ann hired a van and drove us.
Felippe drove Ann's car.
So, eleven of us set off for Seaworld in San Diego.

It took us two hours to get there.
For those of us in Ann's car we had the most incredible commentary.
The scenery was spectacular and seeing places we have seen for years on television was so exciting.

The Nuclear Power Plant was terrifying.
Huge and so open.

The 7 lane highway was fast and driving on the right side is hard to get used to (thank goodness Ann was driving !!!).

We spent 4 hours at Seaworld.
The highlight was definately "Shamu".
A killer whale.
We were able to see him performing in a grand show and then in his own pool later.
It was also exciting to see the polar bears and Beluga whales.
Very, very hot though (for us Melbourne people !!).

Ann and Felippe dropped us off and went and did their own thing in San Diego.
After they returned to pick us up we went to Laguna Beach.
I describe Laguna Beach as Lorne (in Melbourne).
Mum said it is a Toorak / Lorne.
Everyone was beautiful, immaculately dressed and there were so many very spoilt dogs !!!!
There was also lots of volleyball (girls I took a special photo just for all of you !!).
Unfortunately I lost my handbag there and was very lucky someone had handed it in to one of the places we had visited.

On the way home Ann took us through extremely wealthy suburbs and shopping strips.
It was fascinating !!!!!
I loved seeing bonfires on the beach with lots of people around them (just like all those teenage movies we used to watch !!).
After getting home at 7:30pm, we ordered room service and all collapsed in front of the TV.
Thankfully Ann is going to take us into Los Angeles to meet Hannah Mermaid on Wednesday and we will get to have a special tour of Hollywood as well.

Tomorrow I am having a HUGE shopping day.
Scott and the kids will stay here and swim.
Dad and Stuart are coming with me for a while (I am so excited that I do not think they will keep up with me though!).

Tonight I managed to book Amelia's Princess Experience and Tom's Knight Adventure.
It is all happening at 8:10am on Thursday before we have brunch at Ariel's Grotto.
Amelia will walk out with full gown, shoes, crown, makeup, nail polish, portraits etc etc etc.
Tom will depart as a knight in shining armour.
Cannot wait !!!!!!!

Today Tom behaved beautifully and Amelia's energy levels are astounding ALL of us.
If she is not coping, the agreement is we slow down.
But she is doing better than Nana, Poppy and Stuart !!!!
I think sitting in a wheelchair a lot of the time is making a huge difference. She is not using as much energy as at home.

Now for the photo's of the day.


The show stage where Shamu performed

Shamu performing later in HIS pool

The Kids at Laguna Beach

One for the girls - buff men playing volleyball !!

Tom's very blue icecream at Laguna Beach (yes. His face was blue afterwards!)

Scott and Amelia enjoying their icecreams

Ann with the kids after bring us home

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